Dates and Venues
Information for Parents
We offer a wide range of sports and activities.



We offer the traditional sports of football, tennis, hockey, tag rugby, rounders and cricket.
Over and above these, we add in some fun activities that the children may never have had an opportunity to play before.
These include:

Aqua Slide, Archery,  Atheletics (Soft) , Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bench Ball,  Obstacle Course, Mini Olympics, Dance, Dodge Ball, Giant  Snakes & Ladders and Jenga, Initiative Games,  Kwik-Cricket, Nature Trail, Netball, Parachute Games, Racket Ball, Rounders, Sing-a-long Games, Short Tennis, Softball, Story, Table Tennis, Tag Rugby, Team Building Games, Tennis, Treasure Hunts, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Wide Games.

Arts and Crafts

We always offer a wide range of creative activities, to ensure the children have a well rounded and balanced experience at the camp.

These include:

Clay Modeling, Mug Painting, Mask Making, Puppet Making, Talent show, Drama, Dancing, Cheerleading, Sing alongs.


Famous Fun Days

Every week we treat the kids to one of our FAMOUS FUN DAYS!

These include theme days, fancy dress contests, assault courses, gladiator duels, sumo contest.
In the summer months we have water activities such as the Action Sports Camps Water Pistol Arena, aqua slides and even surfing!
The summer also lends itself to great afternoon bbq's, and roasting marshmellows round the campfire!


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