Dates and Venues
Information for Parents

Q: Who can come to camp?
The camps are open to boys and girls aged 4 – 12 years old. If your child has special needs we will be more than happy to discuss their requirements.

Q: What are the times of the camps?

The day runs from 10am-4pm. We also offer a free early drop-off from 9am.

Q: What about security? How will you ensure my child's safety?
Your child's safety is of utmost importance to us For this reason we have strict procedures for picking up and dropping off and request that these are adhered to. You will be required to sign your children in when you drop them off. You will also be asked to provide details of anyone else who may be collecting your children in the afternoon. All children are provided with name badges upon arrival and regular headcounts and roll-calls further ensure saftey of the children.

Q: What if my child is ill or has an accident at camp?
We always have a qualified first aider present, who will deal with any minor accident or illness according to our policies and procedures. If a child suffers a  more serious injury or should fall ill and require hospital treatment, you will be contacted immediately. All incidents are recorded in an incident report which will be presented to the parents on pick-up.

Q: How are the children grouped? Can my child be in a group with their friends?
 Children are arranged in age-specific groups. Our ratio of adult to children is 1:10 for over 8's and 1:8 for younger groups. Friends or siblings who are in the same age group will be grouped together. If a request is made for differently aged children to be grouped together, the older child will be moved to the younger age group. We will try to accommodate  requests but we cannot guarantee it due to our ratio guidelines.

Q: What should my child bring?

  • A set of spare NAMED clothing appropriate to the weather conditions
  • Tracksuit
  • Water proof jacket
  • Sun hat and sun cream
  • A plastic, NAMED drinks container. We provide water refills all day
  • Packed lunch
  • Money for the Tuck Shop 
  • Small bag or rucksack
  •  In the summer, a towel may be required as we do have some water activities


We endevour to ensure that the children's property does not get lost, this is made easier by ensuring ALL items are clearly labeld

Q: Are there things my child should NOT bring?
Please ensure that your child does not bring expensive items such as mobile phones, game boy, PSP etc as we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.

Q: What about lunch?
Your child will require a packed lunch. We ask that you provide a HEALTHY lunch as they are often very hungry from the mornings activities. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CHILD HAS BREAKFAST BEFORE CAMP!  There is a Tuck Shop available selling drinks, sweets and other healthy snacks. Children may bring a few pounds to spend if they wish.

Q: What if it rains?
Both of the venues for our camps have excellent indoor facilities including an  indoor sports hall, dance studio, classrooms and activity rooms.
If we are forced to move indoors, we have well-designed programme to keep children occupied.

Q: What if we have special requirements?
If you have any special requirements or more questions please call Simon on 07749927682

actionsportscamps@yahoo.com or tel 07749927682